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The Boss

The Boss 


 James doesn't love snowboarding, he is 'in love' with snowboarding. Like any great long-lasting relationship, he and his board have had their ups and downs. Most of them ups... The deep bluebird days in Canada, Europe and the US, the even deeper days in Japan and the endless park laps in Australia with mates from all across the world. There has been injuries, down days and tough times. He and his board have experienced alot, and learnt alot from eachother. After his first taste of skiing at a young age, the thirst for all things snow have been unquenchable. Any devout skier or snowboarder will know the feeling.

 A qualified APSI Snowsports instructor, and CSF freestyle snowboard coach, James has spent years travelling the globe, living an 'endless winter' and gaining experience not only in the physical side of snowboarding but across the industry. Combining his knowledge of ski and snowboard tuning, retail and professional instruction and coaching he decided to develop a business that would fill an obvious gap in the marketplace. After moving back to Sydney where he grew up, he noticed people were busier than ever, with little spare time, and the need to use that time for things they enjoy. Shred Rescue was started to save people time, money and allow them to use that time to ski and snowboard!

More 'in love' with snowboarding than ever, James runs the business with passion, commitment and vigour, with an unmatched commitment to making people happier. 

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